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This is a Forum created for Roleplaying as custom characters from Homestuck or inspired by Homestuck.
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 Iraves Nesese

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PostSubject: Iraves Nesese   Wed May 10, 2017 12:12 am

Iraves Nesese types with perfect grammar and uses emoticons [Mainly (:c or ):c]

She is 6.5 Solar sweeps and she has ADHD which results in her being very energetic. Her strife specibus is a small knife (smolknifekind). She is like Jack Noir and is very stabby (except around Zhelez). When she gets sugar it makes her tired ironically instead of even more hyper. She is very social and doesn't care much for humans (Typically despises them). Her zodiac is Libra and her blood color is pink.

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Iraves Nesese
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