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This is a Forum created for Roleplaying as custom characters from Homestuck or inspired by Homestuck.
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 Zhelez Krasny

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PostSubject: Zhelez Krasny   Tue May 09, 2017 11:31 pm

Zhelez Krasny

Pesterchum Handle is skepticalSocialist, he is 7 Solar sweeps old and speaks with perfect grammar but replaces e with 3.

He has Green blood and his Zodiac is Leo. When angered he tends to lash out and go insane and gets very violent towards near by people meaning that not many trolls tend to get him angry. His friends he usually hangs out with are Verduk and Iraves. He enjoys human politics and is an Atheist meaning he has completely no value for spiritual beliefs and doesn't care much for the blood color ranking.

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Zhelez Krasny
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